Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Selling your soul.......or just your belongings!

Today is the 1st of one months time it will be the 1st of December......which can only mean one thing; CHRISTMAS!!
As much as my thrifty measures have helped me; I have had lovely nights out, weekends away etc etc I still have the worry of Christmas finances to contend with.
So as well as making the most of my menu planning and batch cooking I have also been selling everything I could! It is true what they say; One Man's rubbish is another Man's treasure. I have decluttered my house and found lots of things to sell online. Old DVD boxsets I never watch, dresses that have never been worn, shoes that are still in their boxes unloved and unused!
First I tried to sell these items on the various selling pages on Facebook (it is free so naturally it should be anyone's first port of call!) I managed to sell one item on there but the rest wasn't receiving enough interest.
I filed an email from eBay into my 'thrifty' folder regarding free listing days; so on my plethora of random items went on said days. They have all now sold and in one week i've made £100!!! This will certainly help the Christmas fund and has been put safely away not to be touched until December!
If you have lots of unused items in your house why not dig them out, dust them off and try to flog them. If you are highly organised how about a car boot? Or the free-ads, gumtree etc. Facebook is also a brilliant source for selling items. There are lots of selling pages for various towns on there and of course its free! Then you have auction sites, eBay being the most well known. Take advantage of the free listing days as those eBay fees soon start mounting up!! You could earn yourself a nice little bonus just before Crimbo! Lovely!

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