Monday, 14 November 2011

Gamm'on and give it a try!!!

I had an old friend visiting me this weekend so the thriftiness kind of went out of the window, lunches out, takeaways, booze etc!! So this week I have to really tighten my purse strings!
I have found an old mobile (under my sofa....I thought I lost it....oops!!) and have sent this off to a mobile recycling site, but first off I checked this website to see who would pay me the most I ended up going with cash4phones who offered me £24! A nice little bonus before Christmas!
I have also taken advantage of another free eBay listing weekend, lots of my daughters clothes have gone on so i'm hoping to make a few pounds on that too.

I did however do lots of baking this weekend. I am practising my icing and sugarcraft skills as i'm hoping to sell a few Crimbo cupcakes in this festive period. Here are the first 'draft', got lots more to practice on before i'm fully happy with the results!

I also made my favourite Gammon in coke yesterday. Slow cooked for 8hours and then served with Chilli and Turmeric Roast potatoes, Leeks in white sauce and roast parsnips & carrots. It was delicious, especially the Roast potatoes. It was something I saw on Gordon Ramseys Christmas last year and he literally just sprinkled chilli flakes and turmeric powder on his potatoes, drizzled in oil and shook around to coat and then roasted as normal. Delish!!
I only bought a small gammon joint so there wasn't a lot of leftovers. I would've liked to have made a pie. I saw a recipe for Gammon, Leek and Cider pie which I will try next time I have leftover ham. but I have enough for sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch and we had it for tonights tea. I used up the leftover Roast veggies and made a bubble and squeak (Just cubed all the veg, added mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and fried until hot), served with leftover gammon, lots of pickle and half a roll of my homemade bread (which I took out of the freezer and defrosted and then served warm with lots of buttery goodness on!)

If you have lots of leftover veggies you could make a nice soup, put the leftover veg (parnsips, carrots, potatoes, broccoli etc etc) in a pan, add a few cms of boiling hot chicken stock and boil until heated through. Liquidise using a handheld blender and add lots and lots of pepper, if it needs more liquid add more stock. This is yummy with grated cheese on top and a crusty buttery roll to dunk!

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