Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Thrifty Websites to make your lives easier....and cheaper!

In my quest for thriftiness I have come across many websites which I couldn't do without. I need to share these with you as they have helped me save alot over the last year!
For example, at the moment I am completing a L'oreal Hair Trial. I got sent a huge bottle of shampoo and conditioner and all I have to do is use it for two weeks and then fill in a survey afterwards! This'll save me around £8 in haircare this month.
I am also completing a 'food diary' for a marketing company for two weeks and then I get sent a capital bonds voucher for £20 which can be used in most high street shops. I am going to put it towards my Christmas shopping (probably stocking fillers from boots I should imagine!)
The above things are what I have found through trawling through sites.
1) My all-time favourite website! You may have seen Martin Lewis on Lorraine (GMTV) talking about certain money issues? Well this is his website. Its brilliant. Sign up for his newsletters, he has brilliant tools on savings/investments/credit cards/bank accounts. As well as the latest sales/vouchers/deals etc. The forums are also invaluable. I have found many a thrifty idea on there. Whether it be a topic on reducing your bills, cleaning for less or better yet all the thrifty recipes!
2) a brilliant resource on how to use up all those leftovers and stretch out your food even further!
3) get cashback for everything you buy online!!! If you buy a lot of stuff online then use this site, you can earn £1 upto £300+ for large items! It has a good reputation and can really help boost your income in the run up to Christmas

any thriftygod or goddess knows that potatoes are a brilliant ingredient! This website has some fantastic potato recipes as well as a budget meal planner section!
5) another good tool for menu planning and budget meals.

7) Great for when you fancy something different! Fab recipes!

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