Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Homemade Christmas Decorations: Orange Pomanders

Chrismas is a'coming! Only a few weeks to go to that magical time of the year! I am a big fan of Christmas. I love all the little traditions and making new ones. As well as seeing everyone's faces on Christmas Day light up with all the presents and food. Just Perfect!
I also love making homemade decorations and presents. Today's homemade decoration is an Orange Pomander. The original use of a Pomander was to mask bad odours and ward against infection. A modern day version is a clove studded orange.

You will need:
Upto Three Oranges
Masking Tape or Elastic Bands
Orris Root Powder (4tbsps) - I had no Orris Root Powder so had to do without (orris is a preservative....I will just keep checking on them and hope they don't go mouldy! You can buy Orris Root powder relatively cheaply on the web though.)
Ground Cinnamon (2tbsps)
Ground Nutmeg (1tbsps)
Ground Allspice (1tbsps)
A skewer or thick needle

- Roll the orange in your hands to warm it, this will make it easier to push the cloves in.
- You will eventually tie ribbon around the oranges to decorate and also make it easier to hang. So use the masking tape to mark where you want the ribbons to go.
- Using a skewer, poke holes in the orange, this will make it easier to push the cloves into the orange skin. You could end up with quite sore thumbs if the holes aren't already there as cloves are very tough and hard.
- Push a clove into each hole. You can make any design you want; swirls, lines, random patterns, initials etc! I decided on lines.
- Do this all the way around the Orange until you've finished your sections.

- Next, mix all the powders together on a plate or in a bowl. Then use your fingers and sprinkle the mixture all over your orange. Rolling it around and pressing the powder as much as you can into the orange skin. Shake off the excess and repeat.

- I then found an old shoe box and made holes in the bottom of it to allow air in. I then lined it with tissue paper and placed the plate into the box. I then covered the orange with another layer of tissue paper and placed the lid on top. I have now stored this in a warm dry place (airing cupboard) and will check on it every few days to resprinkle powder on and also make sure it doesnt go mouldy! If it does I will have to give in and buy Orris Root.

It should be fine as long as I keep it dry though. I will post pictures of the final result in a few weeks when it is all ribboned up. The smell of these Pomanders is true Christmas itself. My house smells amazing just from making them. I cannot wait until they are finished!!

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