Saturday, 29 October 2011

Rubber Chicken - Part Deux!!

As promised here is the second part of my Rubber Chicken post. I was really craving 'takeaway' food tonight so I deviated from my plan and made chicken nachos instead of pasties and I'm so glad I did!!

This morning I popped my roasted chicken bones into the slow cooker along with:
2 carrots chopped in half
Half a leek chopped into 3 big chunks
One onion chopped in half
2 Bay leaves
Parsley and mixed herbs
8 peppercorns
2 sticks of celery chopped in half

This is still cooking on low now, I like to cook stock for at least 8hours to get a really deep flavour. I'll pour it into a jug and when cool scrape off the solidified fat and put into a freezer bag and freeze. But in this instance i'll make it into a nice chicken soup with lots of veg and the leftover chicken from yesterday.

Tonight for Serens' tea I made her a chicken wrap using the leftover curry from yesterday. I mixed in a little mayonnaise, lemon juice and some raisins so it was a bit like coronation chicken and put some chopped up avocado in there too. She wolfed it down!
I however fancied something a bit spicier! So I shredded some cooked chicken and added it to a dry pan with half a pack of Fajita seasoning and a handful of chopped cherry tomatoes and cooked for 2 minutes. I then topped some nachos with the mixture, grated over some cheddar and popped in a warm oven for 10 minutes, just so the nachos heated through and the cheese melted.
 I then added my fave dollop of sour cream and LOTS of jalapenos (I have an unhealthy obsession with jalapenos!) and job done that was my tea!! And delicious if I say so myself! ;)

The last thing I made today was Chicken Enchiladas. I didn't make this from scratch as I had a jar and pack of seasoning in the cupboard which I bought on offer a few weeks ago.
So whilst the nachos were in the oven warming I fried off some leftover chicken with the enchilda seasoning until the chicken was completely coated and warmed through. I then filled two big tortilla wraps with the mixture and put in a foil lined tupperware box. This was then topped with the jar of enchilada sauce and grated cheddar. When this is cool I will put it in the freezer for another day. When it is frozen i'll just pop out the enchilada foil package, and wrap it in clingfilm twice. This then means I can use my tupperware box for something else and more importantly free up space in my freezer!!

After all this I still have enough chicken to make chicken soup and perhaps a few sandwiches! It really is rubber chicken!! Enjoy! xx

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  1. Great tip about lining your tupperware with foil and freeing up space!!