Thursday, 20 October 2011

Coca Cola..........not just for rotting your teeth!!

Thrifty Cleaning Tips!

I always have a few bottles of coke in the house. I don't drink the stuff myself (unless i'm out and its got vodka in it!) ;) but I like to have it here in case of guests and also for when i'm in the mood to do Gammon slow cooked in coke (heaven!!).
But Coke is not just a's a fab cleaning product!!!! I've seen it used on the TV programme 'How clean is your house' and also my Mother and Grandmother have extolled the virtues of it!
-When I lived in Essex I had a terrible problem with limescale. The water is so hard down there that limescale was abundant in all machines, taps, showerheads etc. A nightmare! This crusty scale is so hard to remove and all of the usual cleaning products did nothing to shift it. So then I read about Coke. I soaked my showerhead in a tupperware container with coke and it came out so shiny and practically limescale free! So then I soaked tea-cloths in coke and wrapped them around my taps and left them overnight. In the morning my taps were brilliantly shiny and the limescale had practically gone! (Vinegar is also brilliant for limescale).
-A tip I saw on a TV programme is to pour a bottle of coke down and around the pan of your toilet and leave it for a while. When you flush most stains and limescale rings are gone!
- My mothers tip: Coffee or tea stained cups. Pour in coke and leave for a few hours, empty cup and wash up as normal and the whiteness of your china will be restored!
- Ever let a pan boil dry and you end up with a horrible encrusted saucepan?? Well pour in some coke and boil it and it'll clean off all of the burnt residue on the bottom of your pan.

I am also a huge fan of Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar. These two products together are the most amazing cleaning product! They bring back the shine to your sink and taps and can clean grout bringing it back to its true whiteness!
Bicarb is also fab for odours. I sometimes mix essential oils in mine and then scatter over my carpet and leave overnight. In the morning i'll hoover it up and all normal house smells i.e. cooking, kids, petc etc are eradicated and your house smells yummy and fresh!!

This website is fabulous for cleaning ideas using household storecupboard items!

I do not like to use many toxic chemicals in my house as I believe its not very good for our health; so I do use natural products a lot....which also helps thriftiness as i'm not shelling out on expensive cleaning products. I do use bleach/antibacterial products as well but a lot less now I use the other items.

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