Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The week before payday blues!

Sorry i've been away a few days but i've been struggling with a nasty bout of Tonsillitis so have let the blog go to the wayside a bit. But i'm back today with some meal ideas for the end of the month. You know that horrible week before payday where funds are seriously low and you're wondering how you're going to get by? Well I am going to write 10 storecupboard recipe/ideas today to see you through without having to buy anymore food!

1) Freezer Pot Luck!! - I love these kind of your freezer for a real mish-mash meal! Garlic Bread, Onion Rings, Veg, Pizza, Fishfingers, Waffles etc etc! Kids love these kind of meals, its like an indoor picnic! Plus it means you get to free up some space for when you can go shopping again!

2) Egg Curry - Now before you say 'urgh'....this is a genuine indian curry recipe I have adapted and it is seriously yummy AND so simple!!! You can adjust the spiciness of it too dependant on tastebuds/children etc
-4-6 Hardboiled eggs (less or more depending on how much you like eggs!)
- One onion diced
- garlic clove crushed
- 1tsp cumin
- 1/2 tsp coriander
- 1-2tsp curry powder....or more if you like!
- Tin of chopped tomatoes
- 1/2pint of milk
- chicken stock cube
Method :-
- sweat off onion until translucent and then add garlic clove and cook for a few mins further
- add all spices and cook for another 2 minutes
- add tinned tomatoes
- crumble chicken stock cube into milk and add mixture into egg curry. You can add greek yogurt instead of milk if you like, just adjust to your own personal tastes.
- Stir until cube has completely dissolved and simmer until sauce thickens
- slice eggs into big slices, and add to sauce. Stir gently as too much stirring will break up the egg yolks.
- Serve with rice or Jacket potatoes, rice or naans. It is honestly the yummiest winter comfort food!

3) Corned Beef Hash - I always used to turn my nose up at the idea of this........until I tried it and now I have it at least once a month, its delicious!!
- One onion diced
- One tin of corned beef cubed
- one garlic clove
- 1tsp paprika
- potatoes either cubed and boiled or mashed
- Saute onion until soft, add garlic and cook for a further two minutes, stir in corned beef and add paprika. Cook until corned beef is heated through (I like to cook it for a little bit longer so I get crispy bets....looooove the crispy bits!) ;)
- Now time to add the potatoes, some people prefer cooked cubed potato and some people like it mashed, I personally use mashed potato. Add to pan and stir together to heat through.
- You can either serve it as it is or pop it into an oven proof dish in a hot oven to crisp up the top!.....For an extra treat pop a poached egg on top and let the delicious yellow yolk run all over your hash. Gorgeous!....serve with lashings of either tomato sauce or brown sauce......tomato sauce always wins in our house!

4) Omelettes!! - So versatile, filling and yummy! This is all down to personal preference or for this post what you have left! You can chuck in Cheese, ham, veg, meat anything you like! Or you could just have it plain! Serve with buttery bread and no one will be complaining that they're hungry!

5) Fishcakes - use whatever tinned fish you have left to make delicious fishcakes, salmon, tuna, sardines etc all work well. Just mix into mashed potato with some onion and herbs, coat in breadcrumbs or just plain flour and shallow fry. Serve with skinny french fries, salad, beans, whatever you have lying around! (a recipe I saw recently added tartare sauce to the potato mixture....this is very nice and works well with tuna!)

6) Savoury rice - rice, stock cube, whatever you've got left, veg meat etc and you have a rice dish that is easy to make and very filling!

7) Beans Beans Beans BEEAAANNNNS!! - Most cupboards have a tin or two of beans floating at the back! These little squidgy carb filled treats can be turned into the most satisfying meal! Here are a few of my faves!
- Sausage and bean hotpot, brown off sausages, add onion to pan and cook until soft, add chicken stock cube, curry powder, a tin of beans and stir. Pop into a slow cooker, add sliced potato on top and cook on low for a few hours or until needed.
- Poor mans chilli con carne (mixed bean stew) - substitute the meat in your chilli con carne recipe for beans. Baked Beans, Kidney Beans, Butterbeans etc and serve with rice or jacket potato
- Cheese and bean toasties/quesadillas or savoury pancakes.... slightly messy but absolutely gorgeous!

8) Sweetcorn and Pea fritters - tasty, cheap and gets veg in your kids too!
- make a basic pancake batter, add sweetcorn and peas and fry in small rounds. Serve with a salad or with whatever you like really, we have ours with sweet chilli sauce to dip! Yums!

9) Pasta! - Use whatever pasta you have left and experiment with different sauces!
- sometimes when times have been very dire, I have been known to cook spaggetti, add garlic, a few tbsps of tomato puree, olive oil and sprinkle it with cheddar or parmesan. Its so simple but really surprisingly tasty! If I have any olives lying around I chuck these in too!
- make a basic tomato sauce, you can then add veg to this, or meat or just plain chilli powder and add this to your pasta.
- Carbonara - this recipe is yummy!
- Pesto Pasta. I usually have half a jar of Pesto floating around the back of my fridge, I just toss this in some pasta with cherry tomatoes and top with cheese. It is a favourite in our household!

10) This has to be one of my favourite thrifty meals. We usually only have it once a month but its simplicity is what makes it so appealing!
- Homemade chunky chips, Ham and Poached Eggs. Delicious!

The following websites are brilliant sources for end of the month recipes! Enjoy!

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