Tuesday, 10 January 2012

There's a 'rat'atouille in the kitchen whatcha gonna do.....

Hello lovely lot,
Lots of calories burned today.....over 1000!! Boom!! So knackered now though, so wanted a quick easy and most of all delicious dinner! I could've wolfed down a whole chicken the way I was feeling but practised some restraint (god i'm boring). So tonight's post is about my din dins this evening. Chicken with steamed brown rice and homemade Ratatouille.

I'm on an economy drive at the moment (thrifty broke!) so I went to Iceland (gasp!!!) I'm not a fan of them usually, but sometimes I go in there for frozen veg and milk etc. Today I went in for chicken, Birds Eye chargrills to be exact. I can't afford a big pack of chicken breasts at the moment so I got the original chargrills which are pretty yummy and best of all....CHEAP! 6 breasts for £3, cant say fairer than that!

Now for the recipe!
Chicken per person or two if you're super hungry
Brown rice 50g per person is usually recommended BUT it all depends on how much you want.
1 yellow pepper cut into chunks
1 red pepper cut into chunks
an aubergine (half if super big) NB I didn't have any Aubergine in my fridge so I left it out this time
1 large onion cut into chunks, you don't have to be that precise its all about texture
1 garlic clove crushed
1 x tin of tomatoes (I didn't fancy it being really tomatoey today so I omitted them and used a pack of cherry tomatoes instead and some tom puree)
1 x tbsp tom puree
1-2 courgettes cut into rounds
2 tsps dried mixed herbs

- Preheat oven to 180degrees
-Pop all the Ratatouille ingredients into an ovenproof dish with a spoonful of water (if not using tinned toms, if using tinned toms then don't worry). Give it a good stir and put into ovenproof dish or baking tray (I prefer ovenproof as the onions don't tend to burn as easily). Put in oven
- Put the brown rice on to boil/steam, it takes longer than white rice so you're looking at around half an hour
- After ten minutes have elapsed, check the Ratatouille giving it a good stir and then pop the chicken breasts into the oven too (you can place them on top of the Ratatouille if you like)
- After 30/40 minutes everything should be cooked and ready to serve up just how you like it.

I worked out the calories for this and for 1 cup of brown rice( like the picture...sorry don't know the gram version for this) 1 chicken breast and 200g veg its around 430 calories. Nice!

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