Monday, 28 October 2013

I've been gone ever so long...!!

Ok.... finger pulled out. Promise! Has been forever and a day since I last updated. In technical terms that actually means 11 months and a few odd days...I just have a penchant for the dramatic....yes I know....hard to believe huh?!? ;)

So what have I been upto?.....well I'm still a single mum to the beautiful Seren. She is a comedy genius... Like her mother. Obvs. Still working in the charity sector, and still fighting the fat fight.
In fact tis said fat fight that has brought me back to the Blog and my Thrifty Goddess ways..... I have been trying out the Keto diet (High (good) fats and low carb). When I do it properly I lose LOTS of weight, my skin and hair are amazing AND the best part.... all my ridiculous auto-immune issues melt away.... it seems Wheat/carbs/gluten etc etc make my symptoms flare... which isn't nice! I like symptomless Thrifty thanking you!

If you want to know more about Keto.....just have a gander.... This is a very informative piece!

Google has lots of resources on it! But if you're not into keto most of the recipes (I say most because I do like the odd cheat day!) Will be Keto/Low carb/gluten free so can suit alot of diets!

Ok so here goes.....first recipes then will just be a 'taster' until I get back on the Thrifty Goddess bandwagon and do it properly. Tonight I have been prepping for tomorrow, so I'm making bacon wrapped asparagus to dip into my soft boiled eggs for breakfast and bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeno peppers for part of my lunch. Bacon is a low carbers/Ketoers best friend. Embrace the pig! Not literally. They smell and can topple you before you can say pork chop!

Bacon wrapped Asparagus

I'm not going to insult your intelligence....its all  in the name really. Grab some Asparagus, bend until they snap (you're left with the healthy non stringy part of the asparagus then). Wrap in streaky bacon, cook in the oven until golden brown (or crispy depending on how you like your baaaaaaacccoooonnnn.) Et voila.... a lovely side dish...OR in my case, perfick toast substitutes for dippy eggs. Heaven.

Bacon wrapped stuffed Jalapenos

Ok I can slightly insult your intelligence in this it requires slightly more prep!
- Grab your Jalapenos, make a slit down the centre and scrape out the seeds.
- Fill the peppers with a mix of cheddar and soft cheese (like philadelphia)
- Squeeze the peppers shut and then wrap tightly with streaky bacon, using cocktail sticks to pin if you like for extra security.
- Pop in the oven for around 15 minutes until the peppers are soft and the bacon is cooked. Don't worry if some of the 'innards cheese' melt out of them.

So there are a few quick and easy Keto recipes my loves. I will be posting lots more in the coming weeks as I'm on #operationfatcowfullthrottle as I hurtle startlingly fast towards my impending 30th. I don't want to talk about it. Honestly I don't know why you even brought it up!! ;)


  1. Hello! Welcome back to the Blogoverse :)
    I too am on a fat-fighting mission and my weakness is most definitely carbs! BUT, when I do cut them out, the fat just melts away. I always struggle with carb free breakfasts, but the egg/bacon/asparagus sounds awesome!

  2. Thanks hun!! I've got quite a few recipes for carb free brekkies so will be posting them in the coming weeks, I always find brekkie the hardest too as its when I miss my toast the most!! hehe

  3. I've been reading so much about gluten free recently as a guest just booked into our supper club that is gluten free, I had no idea the problems it causes some people. So I'm looking forward to hearing more about your keto journey

  4. Welcome back!!! and good luck on the diet! I wish I had the will power to stick to anything!!!!